New York Times:

"...Adrienne Morgan Hammond, a jazz singer and former dancer who now directs a Choir called Jambalaya. With a laugh she said: "Blacks say, `You're taking our work´, and Germans say `Gospel singing's in the blood´. But I say, `I'm here to change the world´." At an outdoor concert in Bonn, around the corner from Beethoven´s birth place, Jambalaya rocked the venerable Rathaus Markt Platz with a gospel version of "Ode to Joy".... Adrienne and Jambalaya moved several hundred onlookers, Turks and Africans as well as Germans, to clap with the right emphasis..."


Los Angeles Times:


"… Adrienne Morgan (Hammond) represents voodoo medicine, and her silence is strong."


Orange Coast Daily Pilot:

"Adrienne Morgan (Hammond) is eerily effectivein a wordless role as Halley's right-hand aide, and her voodoo dance properly


Davis Enterprise:

"She is a knockout."


Cologne City Announcer (Kölner Stadtanzeiger):

„The star of the evening was most certainly Adrienne Morgan Hammond, whose solo performance completely facinated and capitvated the audince."


Sacramento Bee:

„Adrienne Morgan Hammond captured the audience with the sheer joy and vivacity she poured across the footlights...."

Cologne Express (Kölner Express):

"Adrienne is an improvisational sensation!"