Know how it is to love what you do (year after year!) and yet still in the few moments before the concert begins to wonder if loving your job is enough? I am a wonderer. Even after years of working as a minister of music in Europe, I have the same routine just before a concert. I teach 50 to 80 singers on one weekend who have signed up for a Gospel and Popmusic Workshop to become a small community working together for the same goal. Friday we start off on our journey to become a choir of voices harmonizing with one another. It´s a battle at times; hard to teach others who want to be perfect and in control to let go and trust someone who stands in front of them and makes an a** out of herself! Saturday from 10.00 until 18.30 (6.30PM) it´s not easy-going. But then the final performance comes and moments before I find myself backstage asking myself time and again: will the love be enough? Yesterday on the 28th of October 2018 in a beautiful location in Cologne Germany I was more than amazed. I was literally blown away! I enjoyed one of the best concerts I ever had the privilege to conduct! In all my years as a choir director in Europe - as an entertainer for that matter - it was mindblowing. Emotional, dynamic - we were a team, as if we had worked together for months and months, not just 12 or 13 hours! If one thing is sure: music is magic. It´s powerful, wonderful and able to move persons. It´s able to make friends of enemies. It gives life, it spreads hope...it´s really all that stuff one reads about. And then some. My name is Adrienne Morgan Hammond and I am a vessel - a minister of music. And it´s an honor!